1) Request application & site guide from jaeckert@ptd.net
2) Complete & return application for approval.
3) If approved, you'll get instructions to activate your membership.
  Revision April 27, 2021
WaterGap Site Rules per NationalParkService, Landowners & RiskAssessments.
All pilots must:
1. clear onlookers within 30° front-to-back both sides from launch point.
2. fly well clear of launch; understand ridge & thermal soaring rules.
3. not launch/scratch marginal air that risks sleds or not reaching primary LZ; 2 flights/day max.
4. quickly leave touchdown LZ to clear for other pilots & avoid attracting attention
5. get BoD pre-approval for each tandem.
6. wear helmet with reserve, radio, backup-loop/speed bar & launch only if another adult present.
7. carry emergency & first-aid kits.
8. reimburse landowners & WGC for damages.
9. leave-no-trace & steward sites; remove telltales, windsocks, trash & firerings.
10. not cut trees, store items, do drugs/alcohol, start fires, post signs, stunt-fly, advertise, engage in commercial activities, or promote contests, meets or demos.
11. coordinate with others so no more than 25 pilots on site or 5 vehicles parked on top.
12. display vehicle authorization sign if required and not drive in launch & LZ areas.
13. understand that memberships, ratings, appointments, certifications may be suspended for landing outside primary LZs or emergencies involving reserve deployment, injuries, damages or rescue services.

Site Safety Monitors:
  PG=Jim Maze, Tom Schray, Rolan Yang
  HG=Jack Eckert, Paul Golas, Rogery Irby

Alterate Gatekeepers: Gus Johnson, Jonathan Leal, Randy Leggett, Bill Waters, Jake Wren

Kirkridge SSE 650’AGL by NPS permit. H4/P4 by monitor signoff; H3/P3 by same wing-type monitor signoff. LZs: Ponly(6.5/1), Honly(6.5/1 owner waiver). Bailout: PH(5.5/1). Landing inside red area or outside PG-only & HG-only LZs subject is to immediate suspension, possible trespass charges, loss of ratings, appointments & certifications. Bailout for emergency only! No toplandings. BoD pre-approved tandem only. LZs must be entered at 150'AGL due to power lines (yellow). 2 flights/day max. 25 pilots max on site. Tree rotors. Wind direction ideal/ok 125-185°/110-200°; speed min/ideal/max/gustΔ H 8/12/20/10mph, P 5/10/15/5mph. At least one site monitor must be present.

Little Gap NNW 950’AGL by NPS permit. H3/P3; H2/P2 with high-site experience & radio supervised by same wing-type monitor. LZs: PH(5/1). Landing outside designated LZs subject to possible trespass charges & loss of memberships, ratings, appointments & certifications. Toplandings discouraged. BoD pre-approved tandem only. Risk of entering ABE C airspace. Powerlines (yellow) are 350'AGL & 1000' from LZs; also cross ridge 1000' west of launch. 25 pilots max on site. Secondary ridge turbulence. Wind direction ideal/ok 325-360°/315-020°; speed min/ideal/max/gustΔ H 5/15/20/10mph, P 5/10/15/5mph.

ABE SECTIONAL (LittleGap ridge red oval)